I am (wo)man

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Story by Faidade, Helen and Carolina to EmpowerWomen in I am (wo)man Campaign. 

“As a company led by three women, economic empowerment has mean different and important chapters in the life of each of us.In one hand, it means the culmination of a lifelong goal, which I (Faidide), always focused to achieve not only economic strength, but internal strengthening as a woman. For Helen, the difference is overcoming past stigmas and to lead by example that we can be young, hardworking and still have a life partner and be happy; that a female entrepreneur has all the tools to work with in various aspects of her professional and personal life without one excluding one or the other. For Carolina, it’s the start of something bigger for her life.

There are no limits for us as women, and economic empowerment is just one of the many things we can accomplish with hard work and unity.

In Costa Rica, there are two threats to economic empowerment for women. The first are the extend formalities for any company in order to function, limited by bureaucracy. Second, there is the mentality impregnated within our society, where often its women who put obstacles in front of herself from reaching her goals and achieve the economic empowerment.

Economic empowerment for women entrepreneurs today is increasingly a reality thanks to efforts of different organizations in Latin America, such as WEConnect, where valuable tools for companies led by women and empower you to provide in order to grow, and not just immediate but to expand globally.

Women, have much to bring to the world but we cannot limit ourselves; there will always be obstacles in front of us but we must make change happen. If so, we can achieve anything and in a few years, Costa Rica could be a leader in developing opportunities and tools for women entrepreneurs. We just have to believe.” 



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