How to Style Mixed Texture Hair

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How to Style Mixed Texture Hair

Curly hair can be challenging to style, especially if you have waves and spirals of all kinds on one head. Can’t they just cooperate? We asked Ron Williams, national educator for Phyto, for tips to handle the situation. “The most important thing is to know you have options: Wearing it curly, blowing it straight, or wearing protective styles,” says Williams. Multi-textured mavens, help is on the way.

Try pre-treating: Williams says pre-treating is a great step before cleansing. “If you have more fine hair, you might opt to use a lighter cleanser and pre-treat the hair with an oil like Phyto PhytoSpecific Baobab Oil ($40) to lock in hydration without adding weight,” says Williams. “The hair will already be saturated, so the shampoo won’t weigh it down. Then, use a lightweight conditioner for fine hair and/or a heavier conditioner for coarser curls and waves.”

Hydration is vital: Curly and wavy hair is thirsty, so keep it hydrated. “Moisture is key, and you need constant hydration: Weekly treatments, hydrating conditioners and cleansers, and daily hydrating styling products to ensure your hair stays supple and healthy.” Jane Carter Quench ($10) is a great everyday option to nourish your strands.

Work with your dominant curl pattern: Although there is no secret weapon product (trial and error is part of life for curly girls,) you can get there faster. “When you have multiple textures, it’s important to discover the dominant texture and curl pattern on your head,” says Williams. “That way, instead of multiple products, you can use one hydrating styling product for all your hair, but just use more in thicker sections and less in finer areas.”

Learn to love the leave-in: “I like lightweight leave-in products for mixed texture hair, whether your hair is coarse or fine. A product that can detangle and hydrate without adding weight trumps using multiple products.” Bumble & bumble Quenching Complex ($35) works magic on all textured tresses.

Marry the curls: Williams says you can create the illusion that your curls are the same texture. “You can expand tighter curls by setting them on wider rods, and diffusing larger curls will help them keep their shape creating the look that all the curls are the same size.”

Fight the frizz: Humidity is on its way, so beat it before it starts. “The only way to fight frizz is to keep your hair hydrated at all times and to use a styling product with silicones that creates a seal on the hair to lock airborne moisture out,” says Williams.


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