‘Whatever you do, do it with confidence’… ‘Don’t let anyone intimidate you’

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One of the issues that you keep hearing every now and then is Women’s right. People use various platforms to advocate the issue. To make the voice of ‘women rights’ more alive some decided to use their talents such as singing.

Nneka Lucia Egbuna is one of the most talented musicians who use her voice to address various challenging issues and one of them is Women Rights. She is an award-winning Nigerian singer based in Germany. Born to Nigerian father and German mother, Nneka, who relocated to Germany in 2003, after her basic education in Nigeria . Born and raised in Nigeria, Nneka is deeply influenced by her roots. The political and social states of her home country are often prevalent in her music and live performances. It is this message of awareness, hope and love that made her a perfect fit for a collaboration with Nas and Damian Marley, both legendary artists and personal influences of Nneka’s. “With this tour,” Nneka explains, “we represent the fact that we are all connected to one another, all part of one entity and one source – which is love.”

Nneka in My Home performance

She is an ambasador as well as member of various NGOs that deals with women, children and young people. While she uses her music to empower women, Nneka says, ‘whatever you do, do i t with confidence’ and also added that ‘Don’t let anyone intimidate you’. To continue shedding the light on women’s rights, Nneka shared another song with the World Bank, Shining Star, at World Bank Group’s headquarters in Washington D.C.

Nneka performs “Shining Star” on #Music4Dev



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