3 Things Women Can Learn from Donald Trump (especially in business)

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Carol SankarBy , Business Consultant,Leadership & Pricing Expert.

CONFIDENCE! Some may perceive it as arrogance and a little pompous but, as someone who has studied his real estate portfolio, it is only confidence.

Arrogance, yes maybe a pinch. But Donald Trump has always been in a league of his own when it comes to leadership and brand innovation. I remember thinking as a child how arrogant of anyone to put your last name on everything you own: Trump Towers, Trump Casino, Trump Hotel, etc. However, I must admit, it works. Brand clarity that is associated with his level of confidence and excellence.

3 Things Women Can Learn from Donald Trump (especially in business)

There are 3 things women in leadership can learn from Mr. Trump when it comes to mastering the market and elevating to the next level of success:

1. Be Seen: The power of Mr. Trump’s ability to lead in the polls is linked to his accessibility in the media. Just recently, he was quoted by Fox where he stated “I will speak anywhere, anytime, on any issue.” The measure of leveraging his media power has made us sensationalized to hear what he will say next to shock us all.

2. Stop Apologizing: Without intention, women begin apologizing on their journey with leadership. I recently wrote an article about women raising their hand in order to lead. You may not need to be as forward as Donald Trump, but you do not need to be apologetic on taking the lead and celebrating with a victory lap, even if you are by yourself.

3. Do not be afraid to lose: With all of his “off the wall” statements, Mr. Trump has lost endorsement deals, network partnerships and more. But he gained in the polls, which is attracting new partners on his journey, and even new fans. All are seeking the opportunity to maximize their platform through his media influence. Sometimes, you have to lose to gain.

4. Do not be afraid of saying it (AS A BONUS): People pleasing through holding back your real opinions will isolate you in the market.

Our jaws may be dropping now with his increased popularity, but if women can see past the outrageous statements at times, you will realize that where Mr. Trump may lack in foreign policy and political experience, he makes up in confidence. Therefore, he is the front-runner in an over-crowded GOP market.

“Speak up and let confidence put you in the lead”. 

To learn more about joining the Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership movement for exceptional leaders, visit www.theconfidencefactorforwomen.com


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