Ladies… When Are You Going to Say YES to Everything YOU Desire and Dream Of?

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Catrice M. Jackson The BOSSLady of Branding

Ladies... When Are You Going to Say YES to Everything YOU Desire and Dream Of?

Everything you want, wish for, hope for, dream of and want is on the other side of fear and the only way to cross over is to say YES and leap over the fear threshold with confidence, conviction and courage!

There has to come a time when YOU stop hoping, waiting, delaying, and waiting on permission from anyone outside of yourself. You don’t have to wait for the green light, turn on YOUR green light and go! 

Maybe it’s time listen to the voice inside that’s begging you to do something different and more rewarding. Maybe it’s time to say yes to the inner knowing that you are here to do something more meaningful. Maybe it’s time for you to stop sitting on your genius idea and turn it into income. Maybe it’s time to finally put YOU and what you want first.

“I know there is something inside of you that’s calling you to be more, do more and have more — and not because everyone else is doing it or has it — but because deep down inside you deserve it. — And YOU DO!”

What is that for you? A different more fulfilling job? The ability to travel whenever you want to? Additional money to fund your dreams? To finally start that business you’ve been dreaming of? Or how about moving up in the company you love? Whatever it is for you… NOW is the time to say yes to it! 

There is nothing wrong with wanting more and wanting more out of life. If your life was over at the end of today… have you lived your purpose? Have you loved deeply? Have you shown up authentic and unapologetically? Have you taken risks? Will you leave this earth regret free? — OR do you still have dreams and desires unfulfilled? 


Don’t wait for the “perfect” moment… take the moments and make them perfect for you! If you’re waiting on approval it may never come. If you’re waiting on permission, it may never be granted. If you’re waiting on life to settle down, for the kids to leave the nest or for your life to be lined up perfectly, those days may never come. So why not seize THIS MOMENT? — It’s really all you have right! 

Imagine what will happen when you are surrounded by powerhouse women who want what you want.– Women who have already said YES and ooze with “I’m going to live my life my way energy.”

“When you have dreams — you’ve got to put yourself in a space with people who crave more, who are hungry for success, those who are optimistic and hurdling over obstacles, vibrant souls, big thinkers, visionaries and action takers!”


Once you say YES, desires, dreams and destiny begins to take flight! Things start to fall in place. Connections show up. Doors open. Ideas flow. The resources come. And the energy of your unwavering YES sets off a domino effect to help bring your dreams and desires to life. —But you’ve gotta say YES and mean it with every fiber of your being! 

It’s not too late… As long as you have breath in your body there’s an opportunity to be who you want, do what you want, have what you want and go where you want.

is an International Speaker & Best Selling Author | Consciousness Catalyst & Consultant | Message Mentor & Copywriter


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